Free PAR plus one Membership

The PAR plus one Membership is free to register and become a member of INTO CASH GOLFING.

Access to use and purchase PAR (casual) plus one golf classified list (which are fun no pressure type pairings with each other for fun
experience alongside other members with similar scores and tee box skill levels.

**$1.50 dollar plus convenience/processing fee for each listing or add.


Ability to list themselves on the same PAR (casual) plus one golf list as available golfer (That is your listing or add) that can be purchased by another free PAR (casual) plus one member. You can put you name on list for one week maximum at a time. There will be a(txt message) sent to you by ITC Golf for arrangement with other member that will be in a message center inside the ITC Golf app/website. With tee time date and course, the other member has arranged to play Golf. You will be prompted to accept or decline which will then send other member a confirmation of your decision. Easy as that have fun

$1.50 per listing convenience/processing fee included.